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A2MC CNC Controller System

The A2MC CNC Controller is a totally new concept in CNC machine control. It combines the best features of PC based CNC controllers and proprietary system controllers.

The A2MC CNC Controller:

• Is based on a Windows CE platform running on a Mini ITX PC that is built right into the controller. Unlike PC based controllers it is not susceptible to viruses which not only are inconvenient when your machine crashes but can also be dangerous.

• Windows CE provides all the network connectivity, user interfaces, shared drives, etc that you are used to in a Windows or similar operating system environment and are not available in proprietary system controllers. Making it much easier to set up and troubleshoot.

• Unlike PC based controllers which run the motion right from the PC the A2MC CNC uses a motion card dedicated to the machine motion. Whereas PC based controllers only integrate the motion at 40 to 60 KHz the A2MC can interpolate full 3D motion at 4.125 million integrations per second which is among the very fastest controllers of any kind. This provides very smooth and continuous motion.

• Incorporates a “machine area network” based on industry standard modbus protocol. This network allows for the connectivity of a limitless variety of tools, peripherals, and devices making the A2MC unmatched in flexibility and versatility.

• Includes a “Setup GUI” that you can connect to the A2MC through your existing local area network. This in turn is connected to our web sites to access a huge database of help documents, technical documents, and training documents. Not only is it supported by all this information the controller itself helps you find what you need!


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